Here’s what some of our actors and parents have said about Blue Water Theatre Company!

What student actors have to say about BWTC:

  • What I love about BWTC is that I can make so many new friends and get out of my comfort zone.
  • BWTC is such a supportive community to be a part of and I always feel at home.
  • BWTC is a community of great actors!
  • What I love most about BWTC is the people, the shows we perform, the energy, and how much everyone loves doing it.
  • People at BWTC are genuinely nice – rare in the world we live in.
  • BWTC is not just an average theatre company – it’s a community.
  • The special something about BWTC are the beautiful, talented, smart, loving, warm-hearted kids that create that special unique quality that no other place has.
  • Blue Water cracked open my shell for me when no other place could.

What parents have to say about BWTC:

  • BWTC has created a community for the kids where they can feel safe and the part of something bigger than themselves.  The sense of community and friendships at BWTC are vitally important to my child.
  • The kids are supported and encouraged to support each other. This allows them to grow in many ways.
  • What I like best about BWTC is its positive approach to excellence.
  • There’s a chance for kids with all different talents and abilities to shine and be a part of something great.
  • The inclusivity and teaching confidence that will transcend for these kids their whole lives.
  • Very positive and affirming environment. Really high quality productions!
  • BWTC teaches life lessons regarding compromise, taking turns, disappointment and great joy
  • Blue Water empowers the kids to do all aspects of the show.  Obviously from the actors on the stage, but to behind the scenes, changing scenes, lights etc. It was not a bunch of parents in back telling the kids what to do.
  • BWTC engages the whole community and various ages and abilities. Actors clearly learn and grow there which is beautiful!
  • Blue Water is a space for kids to be themselves and feel accepted for who they are.
  • My kid has never had so much fun and the entire experience was wonderful, as was the show!
  • What I like best about BWTC are the high expectations of actors coupled with close knit family feel.  Very supportive, welcoming atmosphere while still having the bar high for commitment and performance.
  • My daughter, age 11, took her first theater class at Blue Water Theater this summer. It was her first theater class anywhere! She was nervous to step into a real theater with a professional teacher and with students who had taken musical theater classes in the past. However, she felt welcomed and accepted immediately. In the short span of a week she was keeping up with dance steps (with zero previous dance experience) and singing along with new-to-her songs along with the rest of the group. She had a blast and increased her confidence in her abilities. She will be definitely be back!