Core Values

Learning: Our aim is to provide a journey of discovery and growth. Here, learning comes to life through an immersive, embodied experience. Every script, role, class, and production holds a new lesson.

Teamwork: Together, we’ll introduce, process, and practice new skills and ideas.
Cast and crew alike collaborate to create theatre magic. This requires the unique perspective that each of us brings to the table. We believe that working together, listening to each other, and learning in tandem are the driving forces behind our collective success.

Equity: We are dedicated to providing every child with equal access and opportunities within our creative space. Our art represents a rich tapestry of backgrounds, and we’re committed to eliminating barriers so that everyone may partake in it.

Belonging: Everyone has a place in our troupe. We strive to make every artist feel valued, supported, and accepted as their authentic self. Whether you’re center stage or behind the scenes, you’re an integral part of our community.

Empowerment: Each person is encouraged to pursue their individual strengths and interests. Our theatre is a platform for growth where everyone can find their confidence knowing their voice matters and that they are supported in pursuit of their goals.

Risk Taking: In this space, you’re free to dive in, try new things, and explore budding interests. Maybe you’ve always done “this” and now you want to try a little of “that”– we encourage it. Unforgettable moments derive from pushing boundaries and taking the leap.

Curiosity: Ask questions and then ask a few more. We believe discovery is a key source of progress and fun. As we learn and grow, we’ll keep searching for more ideas to work through and more ways to improve. Wonder abounds!