Li’l Abner

Li’l Abner is a madcap comedy with a wild, energetic score that follows the hick residents of Dogpatch, U.S.A., as they try to save their town from nuclear annihilation. A send-up of American politics, hillbilly caricatures, and gender roles, Li’l Abner features a zany cast of characters, like Daisy Mae, who’s pining after Li’L Abner, Earthquake McGoon, who’s pining after her, and the evil business tycoon General Bullmoose, who’s pining after all the money in the world. Featuring miracle elixirs, ineffective politicians, and shady deals—alongside classic numbers like “Jubilation T. Cornpone” –Li’l Abner is a ridiculous romp that’s perfect for summer fun!

Performances (please pay special attention to matinee performance start times):
Friday, July 27 @ 7pm
Saturday, July 28 @ 1pm & 7pm
Sunday, July 29 @ 2pm
Wednesday, August 1 @ 7pm
Thursday, August 2 @ 7pm
Friday, August 3 @ 7pm
Saturday, August 4 at 1pm & 7pm
Sunday, August 5 @ 2pm.


Date(s) - July 27, 2018 - August 5, 2018
All Day